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Hypnotherapy with Doctor Grahame Randall

Medical Hypnotherapist

Member of The British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis

Tel: Haslemere (01428) 724 333

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Tel: (01428) 724 333


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Grahame qualified as a medical doctor in 1963, MB BS LRCP MRCS. He is also a practising medical hypnotherapist and a member of The British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis.


After qualifying as a medical doctor, Grahame spent a number of years working as a medical officer in Fiji. Soon after returning to England in 1970, he began working as a GP for the National Health Service in Haslemere, Surrey.


Grahame's interest in hypnotherapy began in 1980 when he attended hypnotherapy training courses run by The British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis (now known as The British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis). Later, he attended a further training course for hypnotherapy run by the Psychology Department at University College London. He practised hypnotherapy for a number of years whilst working as a GP for the National Health Service at the Haslemere Health Centre in Haslemere, Surrey. Since leaving General Practice in 1998, Grahame has focused completely on running his hypnotherapy practice, which is based at his home in Liphook, near Haslemere. The practice is situated near the borders of Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex in a pleasant, peaceful setting, which is ideal for hypnotherapy.


Grahame has been using hypnosis for over 17 years and has treated hundreds of people using hypnotherapy. His 30 years as a doctor has given him a wide experience of many medical conditions and he has acquired a good understanding of the influence that the subconscious mind has on different conditions. Whilst the majority of clients that Grahame sees want help to stop smoking, he has also successfully treated many people with a variety of phobias, especially flying phobias. Other very successful areas include the treatment of stress related conditions such as IBS, panic attacks and helping people to improve confidence and performance in a wide range of activities including exams, driving tests, sports and public speaking.


Grahame also teaches self-hypnosis and has held classes for groups of patients at King Edward VII Hospital, near Midhurst, in Sussex. The classes formed part of the patient's rehabilitation programme for back pain and other medical conditions. Grahame also teaches self-hypnosis on a one-to-one basis at his practice in Liphook, Hampshire.


Most of Grahame’s clients are able to visit him at his Liphook practice. However, he is also prepared to travel to clients’ homes, which can prove particularly useful when treating agoraphobia.


During his spare time, amongst other things, Grahame enjoys gardening, a round of golf, overseas travel and playing the piano.


If you have any queries about hypnotherapy, or would like to make an appointment, please email, or telephone Grahame on Haslemere (01428) 724333.

About Doctor Grahame Randall, Medical Hypnotherapist