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Most people can be hypnotised if they want to be.


Only a tiny percentage of the hundreds of people I have seen have not been able to achieve at least some level of trance state.


Over 80% of the people I have treated achieve a very workable trance state on the first attempt. In fact, people often surprise themselves with their ability to relax so deeply. However, a person does not necessarily need to be deeply hypnotised, as even very light trance states can be effective for achieving results.


You can estimate, to some extent, your likelihood of achieving a good trance state by considering how good you are at relaxing and how good you are at imagining yourself in a relaxing situation. People who can do this easily usually find that they can get into a good trance state easily, meaning that they can easily be hypnotised. If you have had experience of some kind of relaxation therapy or meditation technique and found it useful you will find the hypnotic induction process easy and familiar.


The hypnotic trance state is a level of consciousness associated with deep relaxation and is somewhere close to sleep (actually being asleep won’t do!). We pass through this stage, for a few moments, every time we go off to sleep and every time we wake.


You can use this natural opportunity to test your ability to respond to hypnosis by giving yourself an “affirmation”, just as you are about to fall asleep. For example, a message to say you will wake feeling refreshed and full of energy, or you will be relaxed for particular event for the following day, and so on. If this works for you to any extent then hypnosis will probably help you.


If you have any queries about hypnotherapy, or you would like to make an appointment, please email, or telephone Grahame on Haslemere (01428) 724333.




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