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Self-hypnosis is a relaxation technique that is both simple and straightforward to learn and practice. All that is required is 10-20 minutes of uninterrupted time, a quiet comfortable place and a comfortable chair, sofa or bed.


The idea of self-hypnosis is to try to achieve a similar state of relaxation as is achieved during a hypnotic session with a hypnotherapist but to practise it alone and in your own time.


Self-hypnosis can be used as part of stress management, or to control symptoms and to reinforce the effect of any particular course of hypnotherapy. The technique can effectively reduce stress and enhance energy and well-being. It can be used either on its own, or in conjunction with other techniques, such as meditation, bio-feedback and yoga etc.


When Grahame teaches self-hypnosis, he first explains the technique while the person is in the fully conscious state. Then, once the person has entered the trance state, he explains the technique again, so that the self-hypnosis process links in with the subconscious mind.


A session of self-hypnosis normally lasts for about 10-20 minutes and it can be repeated as often as required. Most people find that the more they practise self-hypnosis, the easier and more effective it becomes.


If you would like to learn self-hypnosis, or would like help with a particular problem, and want to bring about positive change, either contact Grahame by email, or telephone Haslemere (01428) 724333.