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Hypnosis can help to improve performance in all areas of life including sports, music, drama, exams, driving tests, presentations and public speaking.


I have seen a number of people to help them with problems experienced playing sports. This includes a polo player who had lost his nerve to a degree, whilst still retaining all his ability. The polo player responded well to hypnosis. Others have been golfers wanting to improve concentration at certain crucial stages of their game.


Sports performance depends on training and ability of course but it can often be affected by undue tension. Hypnotic suggestion can release this tension and enable the sports-person to perform to the best of his or her abilities.


While in the relaxed, hypnotic trance, the sports-person will have a mental image of how they want to see themselves performing. The person may want to be able to concentrate better or feel more relaxed, whilst retaining the necessary drive and energy. These mental images will remain in the sports-person's subconscious after the session of hypnotherapy, so that when it comes to the actual performance it will be just as he or she desired.


The therapy is tailored exactly to the needs of the individual. Sometimes, specific problems might arise in a sport, such as the yips in golf. The yips occur when a golfer goes to putt and experiences a sudden, unwanted movement or tremor, which causes him or her to spoil the shot. The yips is purely stress related and thus, lends itself well to the principle of subconscious control in the hypnotic state.


The same subconscious control principle can be applied to dramatic and musical performances of all kinds and to the study and taking of examinations. Driving tests are a good example of the use of hypnotic suggestion to improve performance. Sometimes a driver will fail a test despite being perfectly competent but the performance is hampered by unnecessary tension, which leads to mistakes. The driver imagines how the whole test will take place, with him or her confident, in complete control and just relaxed enough to perform at their very best. The exact scenario is agreed upon before the session of hypnosis takes place and then the scenario is described to the driver while he or she is in the relaxed, hypnotic state. These positive messages are then carried in the driver's subconscious to the driving test to help bring about the driver's desired changes in behaviour. The same principle will extend to all types of performance, in all areas of life, both social and professional.


The initial session is usually an hour long, which includes a session of hypnosis during the final 20 minutes. Follow-up sessions usually take about 30 minutes. The number of sessions required would depend on individual need and response to treatment.


If you have any queries, or would like to make an appointment, please email, or telephone Haslemere (01428) 724333.

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