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I have treated more people for smoking than any other category of patient. Although I cannot quote an actual figure for my success rate, I do know that hypnotherapy has successfully helped many of my patients to stop smoking. At the same time, I am aware that it has not always worked, so I can never give an individual guarantee. The smoker must really want to quit smoking and then the hypnotherapy is more likely to work by reinforcing his or her willpower and commitment.


Each person has different reasons for wanting to stop smoking, or at least different priorities, so the hypnotherapy is always performed on a one-to-one basis. After discussing the history of the patient's smoking habits, the reasons for wanting to stop smoking are discussed and placed in order of importance.


Examples of why people want to stop smoking include:


  •    Improved breathing and general fitness.

  •    Healthier looking skin and complexion.

  •    Improved sense of taste and smell.

  •    Increased energy and improved circulation.

  •    Reduced risk of smoking-related diseases, including heart attack and lung cancer.

  •    Breath, hair and clothes smell fresher.

  •    Financially better off.

  •    Travel on public transport is easier.

  •    Being at work and in restaurants, pubs and other public places is easier.

  •    Give up an unwanted habit and feel good about yourself.


Whatever the reasons for wanting to quit smoking, the patient will have a mental image of how he or she will be as a non-smoker. This mental image will form the basis of the suggestions, or messages that will be placed into his or her subconscious during the hypnotic session.


A stop smoking session usually takes an hour, with the final 20 minutes being under hypnosis. Sometimes a single hypnotherapy session is sufficient to bring about a positive change. However, a booking is made for a 30-minute top-up session after one week and this can be cancelled if it is not required. If a patient relapses later, he or she can be seen when necessary.


Hypnotherapy is a gentle and relaxing therapy that has successfully helped many people to stop smoking. Take a step now towards a smoke-free environment and a healthier lifestyle.


If you have any queries, or you would like to make an appointment, please telephone Haslemere (01428) 724333, or send an email using the form on the contact page.


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